Classes, Prices and Schedules

Class Prices (Ask instructors about class cards and discounts):
  • $10 drop in - all yoga classes
  • $70 private yoga session (up to 2 people in a session)
  • $200 yoga party up to 20 people
  • Classes with an asterisk (*) in front of the name accept Yoga Loft Class Cards (available to purchase in our online store or in class). Other classes are privately taught and cards for those classes can be purchased in class from the instructors.
  • Drop-ins and new students are welcome!
  • To purchase class cards or event tickets visit our store Yoga Loft Store

Yoga for Every Body

Yoga for Every Body is suitable for “every body” – for all levels of yoga experience and practice.  In the Integral Yoga tradition of easy stretching, proper alignment, breathing and deep relaxation, Yog..

Monday, Thursday

*Slow Flow/Restore

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness” Sakyong Mipham. Slow Flow focuses on intelligent sequencing and seamless transitions from pose to pose. The luxurious movemen..


*Power Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Flow: Experience the union of body, mind, and spirit through strengthening and stretching, igniting your energy through connection with breath and movement. Through incorporating fluid movements of vinyasa..


Private Session

Private sessions are $70. Who are they good for? Clients who do not like group activities Re-entry clients, people beginning an exercise program after surgery, injury or weight gain Our one on one instructors c..


Mindfulness Yoga

Christian’s Mindfulness Yoga combines traditional postures, modern flow styles, breath-based meditation, movement, music, inspiration and brain-based concentration practices into a wonderfully uplifting, heal..

Saturday, Wednesday, Monday

Ayurvedic Yoga and Health Coaching

Jessica Katz is now offering Ayurvedic Yoga! This class includes a 30 minute Ayurvedic consultation to introduce Ayurvedic principles and establish individual’s specific dosha imbalances, followed by 30 m..

*Power Hour (Heated)

Stretch, sweat, and release tension in this heated (89 degrees) and active mid-week vinyasa flow yoga class. Strengthen the body while we also focus on opening the hips, heart and shoulders, and mobilize the sp..


*Kundalini/Hatha Yoga Blend

Combining elements of Kundalini and Hatha yoga this class offers an uplifting blend of physical and energetic practices. It will incorporate movement, dynamic breathing techniques, and meditations. This class e..


*Vinyasa Flow

Yoga is the praxis and process of well being. The Indian Sage Patanjali systematized the praxis in an eight fold path known as Ashtanga Yoga (Ashta- Eight, Anga- Limb). The ultimate goal is to establish the sel..


Acro Yoga

Acro Playground- Acro Yoga is the art of “Divine Play” All ages and levels are welcome to come express their inner child in a blend of partner acrobatics, Thai Massage,and counter balances grounded ..


*Restorative Yoga

A relaxing and rejuvenating class that incorporates many props, allowing your body to open and release tension. If you are looking for a gentle class that will leave you feeling amazing, this is it!..

Friday, Tuesday

*Align & Flow

This class incorporates the principles of finding your personal alignment for your body in specific poses, while also providing the opportunity to find some fluidity and flow through linked movement. This class..


*Yoga Reboot (45 min)

Friday nights can be busy, so let us help you get some active yoga in. This 45 minute class goes from slow to fast vinyasa in order to get your heart rate up and allow you to leave feeling invigorated. This is ..

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