Mindfulness Yoga

Christian’s Mindfulness Yoga combines traditional postures, modern flow styles, breath-based meditation, movement, music, inspiration and brain-based concentration practices into a wonderfully uplifting, healing 1½ hour of yoga immersion. The practice naturally effects one’s ability to perceive, think, feel and behave in alignment with universal goals: to be physically strong yet easeful; mentally bright yet peaceful; and socially independent yet kind and useful.

The classes are open to all students:

those who enjoy yoga as a way to both relax and challenge themselves intelligently, at their own level;

those in recovery from trauma who want to gradually go deeper and make an authentic experience of themselves in the present moment safe and healing;

those who want to become mindful, savvy and remain balanced ;

… and to YOU, the reader of this!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May Peace Prevail In Everyone Everywhere.