Before My First Yoga

New student Kasey Leonard shares her yoga experience

Before my first yoga class started, I felt that yoga would be just pain and torture. I am not a flexible person whatsoever, so I knew that I would have some trouble with it. Both my parents show NO flexibility and lucky me, I get to have double the trouble. I had a feeling that I would only be limited to a couple of poses I was not looking forward to that. But I knew I wanted to learn so let the games begin.

The first couple of weeks were exactly what I expected. Only a couple of poses were possible for my little, nonflexible body. I felt so out of place. I just really wanted to be able to do what most of the class could do. Ever since I was in elementary school, I could not touch my toes. That has always been a problem over the years. So as the days went on, I felt that I was a goner in this little class they call Level 1.

I felt that every week was either easy or difficult after the beginning. As I practiced more and more I started to feel confident, something I thought would never happen this semester. Some of the postures, the ones I excelled in, like tree and bridge poses, made me feel good about myself. Not only that but I am getting closer and closer to touching my toes. I catch myself grabbing my feet and bringing them to my feet when I am Skyping with my boyfriend. He thinks I am nuts, but I don’t mind.

All in all, this class has really been a joy to attend in the morning s. I am having an easier time with my breathing and my strength has rapidly increased. So at first, I thought of yoga as a distress, but now, I feel that yoga is a helpful tool in everyday life.

Kasey Leonard 11/10/11