Cherie Newman

Cherie Newman is an IAYT certified yoga therapist in addition to being a graduate of White Lotus Foundation Teacher Training in Santa Barbara. Whether teaching a class or offering private instruction, Cherie brings her yoga therapist training to play by encouraging students to take an active role in their wellness, health, and healing. 

Cherie’s innovative teaching style has evolved from more than two decades of studying and practicing yoga.  Her teaching is infused with a graceful energy that invites students to explore both the challenges and subtleties of each posture, promoting both effort and ease.   


After years of teaching energetic Vinyassa Flow classes, Cherie now teaches the very popular Slow Flow yoga class. During slow flow, the focus is on range of motion, balance, strength, and stabilization.  Working more slowly allows students to assimilate the benefits of their practice, a feature Cherie particularly stresses when doing yoga therapy. Some of the conditions yoga therapy might help are joint and back pain, fatigue, the effects of cancer treatment, addiction, high blood pressure, depression, and PTSD 


The intent behind all of Cherie’s instruction is to facilitate peace, love, strength, and mindfulness. 


To schedule an appointment or learn more how applied yoga therapy can help you, contact Cherie at 

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