Dellamay Miller

Dellamay is a Lebenskünstlerin: an artist of life. The world is the canvas and yoga is the medium
with which the masterpiece is painted. Breath in… Breath out…where the mind goes Prana will follow.
Having had the blessing of great teachers along with the curiosity to explore and question what is “real” and “true” she discovered the joy of being both student and teacher and that that very same potential is present in every being.
She completed her teacher’s training at the Mount Madonna Institute in Watsonville California, which
follows the classical Aṣhțāṅga system . With this foundation in the purification of body, breath and mind her personal praxis and teaching style are formed.
She also has a playful and quite silly side which expresses itself in acro yoga- a movement form which combines
partner acrobatics and therapeutic flying into a fun, trust based and playful form of mindful movement.
She also enjoys seeking and making music which she transposes to yoga her yoga praxis via Kirtan.
An invitation is extended to those who read this to come explore themselves and this sacred art form we call
Yoga, for if you never ever go, you will never ever know- isn’t it so?