Kalyn Parkhurst

Born and raised in Sonora, California, Kalyn is a young and passionate yoga instructor who aims to increase body awareness and positivity. Kalyn is currently enrolled at Columbia College as a kinesiology major, and plans to incorporate yoga therapy as a form of treatment in her future career as an Occupational Therapist. Once Kalyn completes her major at Columbia, she will transfer to CSU Humboldt to further pursue a kinesiology major as well as a grad school major in Occupational Therapy. At only 20 years old, she is a registered yoga teacher, certified by the Yoga Alliance with 200 hours under her belt.
Kalyn’s style of teaching revolves around acceptance of the body and its limitations, as well as whole body stretching and breathing exercises. Attention is brought to the feeling of life and energy throughout the body, as well as how different parts of the body correspond with each other to perfect a pose. Her blend class is meant for all body types and skill levels, beginners to ¬†true yogis.