Paul Hasegawa Overacker

Surfing got me into yoga initially. I learned some stretches from core surfers in Montauk NY when I lived there and later I found out they were yoga. Surfers and yoga are a natural fit because they are spiritual practices under the surface of the activity. Later on I moved to the Sierras and got into yoga to increase conditioning for surfing, skiing and cycling. I was just as surprised as anyone when I fell in love with yoga as the passion to unify the body with the mind

I don’t surf much now, (because I don’t need to) but I practice a lot of yoga and it helps me to appreciate this thing we call life even more. Hiking, road and mountain biking, dancing are passions, but they have injury downsides and yoga has helped to limber and strengthen my chassis, slim it down, recover faster and reboot my metabolism. My practice is earthy and basic hatha yoga but there are useful elements in the other branches of yoga – Ashtanga, restorative, yin, Kundalini, bhakti, and it’s inspiring for athletes to engage another level of conscious practice. Prana is key and resulting meditations will move us incrementally to do what yoga is supposed to do: calm the noise of the mind.