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Yoga Loft 200 Hour Teacher Training

“I am so happy that I went through this training at the Yoga Loft in Sonora. It was awesome to have a local and affordable program! I came out of the training feeling confident in my understanding of yoga and how to teach safely. It also has affected how I view myself and and my capabilities. This program helped me realize what was within me all along! The teacher and my fellow students were amazing and I’m so grateful to have landed in Yoga Loft-Sonora teacher training!!”-Jennifer, 2017 Graduate

“I am so grateful for this experience! The content, the practical application of skills learned, and the thoughtfulness put into this course was phenomenal. It was a very special experience. I found the pacing of the course to be just right-and always interesting and engaging. Even working full time and having other family and personal commitments, the course was very do-able for me.  I recommend it highly to anyone!”- Megan, 2017 Graduate


The Yoga Loft’s 200 hr teacher training program is designed for those who would like to become teachers, as well as for those who would like to broaden their yoga knowledge and ability. This program offers a comprehensive training of Hatha yoga that includes teaching techniques, training and practice, meditation, breathing practices, western anatomy and physiology, energetic anatomy (chakras, nadis, bandhas, etc.), yoga philosophy and history, lifestyle and ethics,  Ayurveda, as well a great deal of teaching practice. Rather than focusing on one specific style, we offer a variety, allowing you to have a range of teaching ability and experience. While we center on alignment-based yoga and vinyasa flow yoga, we introduce a variation of  yoga styles including: Restorative, Yin, Kundalini, yoga with hand weights and more. There will be ample focus throughout the practice on creating a safe, thoughtful and inclusive yoga practice for bodies of all shapes and abilities.

Our experiential learning process gives you plenty of room to explore and develop a style of teaching that resonates with you. This is an active learning process for students involved, offering the experience of teaching from the very first day. By the end of the training you will have fully sequenced and taught a 60 minute class, in addition to the many hours of teaching practice you will do throughout the training. It is our goal to help you feel knowledgeable, secure and confident in your ability to practice and teach yoga.

You will have the opportunity to study with your favorite Yoga Loft teachers that you have known and trusted throughout the years. We recognize that every body is different and respect each person’s level and ability. You do not have to be an advanced yogi to take this program! This program is for those with a desire to learn and grow in their own practice, as well as a love for yoga that they would like to share with others!

Our current training is in process but we are in the works to expand our training program in order to offer them more frequently, for different lengths of time. Check back for updates or fill out an application below to get the latest news and info on our training program.

New Teacher Training Schedule- Sept. 2018- March 2019

*Friday Evenings- 5:45 pm-7:45 pm

Saturdays- 11:30 am-5:00 pm

Sundays-9:30 am-4:00 pm


*21, 22, 23


*5, 6, 7 &  *19, 20, 21


*2, 3, 4 & *16, 17,18


*(Nov. 30), 1, 2 & *14, 15, 16


*4, 5, 6 & *18, 19, 20


*1, 2,  3 & *15, 16, 17


*1, 2, 3 & *15, 16, 17



A $100 deposit is required to reserve your space in the training. This $100 goes towards the total cost of the training and is non-refundable.

$1200 if paid in full by August 1st

$1300 if paid in full by September 22nd

$1500 if doing the payment plan- $250 due the first meeting of every month (Sept.-Feb.). First payment is due on September 22nd. The $100 deposit goes towards your last month of payment (February) and will be subtracted from it.

*These prices do not include the books needed for this training. The books used for this program are reasonably priced and are usually available new and used on Amazon.com.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for the monthly payment plan.

For those who paid in full:

Before training starts- Full refund except $100 deposit

Sept. 22nd – Oct. 21st-70% refund

Oct. 22nd – Nov. 18th-50% refund

Nov.19th – Jan.19th- 25% refund

After Jan. 19th no refunds will be given.

Application Process

Our current training is full. If you would like to be considered for our next training please fill out the application below and we will email you once it is announced. The next training is set to start late spring 2019.

Teacher Training Application




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